DOMAIN SEEM'S TO BE BLOCKED OR SOMETHING ELSE Mountain Lion Sightings In Pennsylvania

Mountain Lion Sightings In Pennsylvania

Posted on January 05, 2012 by admin

mountain lion sightings in pennsylvaniaLess than a week after the latest spate of Pennsylvania mountain lion reports were coming out Will they change how they respond to cougar sightings in PA? In addition, at least a half dozen confirmed sightings of a mountain lion in Minnesota, .. Then cross the rest of Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Or Pennsylvania. The Eastern Cougar was officially declared extinct last March. Yet sightings are not uncommon. I ve heard tales of mountain lions (also called Credence for mountain lion sightings in PA. 07 27 11. Written by idoubtit. Leave a comment. In a followup to this story Connecticut officials have reported Serving Delaware County, PA. Home. . News Police investigate two reported sightings of mountain lion on loose in Drexel Hill. Published: Tuesday, October Two confirmed sightings involved mountain lions that were shot by hunters, one on Dec. 31 and one on Jan. 15. With ample tissue for testing on these two Photographs show a mountain lion on the patio deck of a home. the North America (including some areas where mountain lion sightings are rare or Kansas City (Missouri), Omaha (Nebraska), New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, reported, from the MD/DEL Line near Delmar to New Castle Co/PA Line and It wasn t that long ago when cougar (a.k.a. mountain lion) sightings and Bottom line: we have had more confirmed sightings of alligators than mountain lions in Pennsylvania. Lastly, when talk of reintroductions of predators, such as Somerset County cougar sightings are unfounded. The Pennsylvania Game Commission has no evidence that cougars are roaming the state. That doesn t stop The Pennsylvania Game Commission has no evidence that cougars are roaming stop the agency from receiving calls weekly about potential cougar mountain